Dear Guests



Welcome To Our Inn!

Founded in 1847 and opened as The Nashotah Hotel in 1848 by Francis Schraudenbach, the then stagecoach stop was located at the intersection of the Watertown Plank Road and a trail leading south to the young town of Delafield.  With growing access to the area, beautiful summer homes of wealthy Milwaukeeans began to sprout on the pristine lakes in the area.  It was not long after that in 1857 the railroad built a path paralleling the Plank Road with a stop just a block south of The Inn.

The Nashotah Hotel passed thru various owners up until 1889 when Fredrick Pabst of brewery fame purchased the property and renamed it the “Red Circle Inn” after the breweries logo.  The Pabst family successfully operated the restaurant until 1911 when it was sold to Steven and Hulda Polaski.  Mr. Polaski had worked for the Pabst family in various capacities and finally as the household chef.  When he expressed interest in operating The Inn, Mr. Pabst personally financed and supported the Polaski’s in their venture.

It would turn out to be a four generation family operation for the Polaski family that grew
The Inn to local, state and national prominence.  This tenure lasted until 1976 when Aat Groenevelt, owner and founder of Provimi Veal, purchased the restaurant.  His company, and eventually daughter Renee along with her husband Mark, operated the restaurant until its sale to us in 1993.

Not only is it a pleasure to own The Red Circle Inn but an honor to perpetuate Wisconsin’s Oldest Restaurant.  Our entire staff welcomes you as not a customer, but a guest at The Inn.  Be it an intimate table for two, family event for ten or a grand celebration for two hundred and fifty, we are here to accommodate and exceed your expectations.

Thank you for joining us and for the opportunity to welcome you to Wisconsin’s Oldest Restaurant, “The Red Circle Inn”.  We remain,

Sincerely yours,

Martha & Norm Eckstaedt, Owners and Staff of The Red Circle Inn & Bistro